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Standard Trim & Accent Details

These are standard moldings associated with your cabinetry. Furniture base is typically used to accent a sink, island or another type of more formal cabinetry.  Light rail is applied to the bottom edge of the upper cabinets to add more dimension and character to a normally square edge.  The crown molding shown is typically seen at the top of our cabinetry. The crown is made in three different sizes.  The photos below show a scalloped baseboard and the typical radius corner we apply to our cabinets.  Please also note that we do not use cabinet doors as paneled ends for our cabinets.  We build a separate panel and attach it to plywood for added strength and stability creating a clean and seamless look when finished.   All molding and end panel options can be changed or customized to suit your needs and cabinetry style.

Light Rail
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